Case Study  

A rejected logo for a Yoga Nidra company 

This purpose of this case study is to test the proposed frameworks in a particular, real world scenario. For this case study I was approached to design an identity for a yoga company with the purpose to generate marketing collateral to spread awareness of their business. 

The process began with a meeting discussing what her vision was and clarity surrounding the parameters of the brief. The conversation durated for over an hour so I can form a detailed understanding of what Yoga Nidra meant and how to best visually represent this practice. This understanding was further developed by a list of readings and trialing Yoga Nidra to really understand what it was all about. Shortly after, I began to attempt to draw and visually represent these ideas.

From the guidance giving, the logo could resemble a lotus flower or raindrop. It was then it dawned on me that this symbol of lotus flower was severely being overused. Confirmation was through googling ‘Yoga Studio’ were wave of lotus flowers filled the page. This realisation suggested, although the lotus flower’s were all slightly different it was the exact same concept. To make it worse, this concept was being used in a range of industries from dodgy massage parlours, other sport companies to perfumes.

Lotus Logos 

After meditating on these ideas and attempting to visual depict them. I knew that I need to explain what Yoga Nidra was (as most people do not know) and not use a flower to do that. Suddenly, when I was reading up about the practice some more, I found an interesting quote about Yoga Nidra is the state between running and sleeping. This narrative was so simply and fitting, I knew I needed to visually illustarte this.

Sleeping could be represented by a moon and running by a sun. These two simple symbols were metaphoric for numerous stories, running and sleeping, day and night, black and white, yin and yang. Within these two shapes there was a calmness and stillness. During the practice of Yoga Nidra, participants experience and explore this calmness. I finalised the idea, packaged it together into a nice presentation and sent it at 11:30pm via email to express yy enthusiasm of my discovery. I had beaten the lotus flower!

Feedback from client ‘Why not something like this?’

After waiting patiently for a few days and becoming a bit confused as to why they hadn’t emailed back  to share this enthusiasm I received a phone call. ‘It’s good just not quite what I’m after, Ying and Yang is chinese and Yoga Nidra is not so it’s not really appropriate’.... I was in disbelief! The appeal to these symbols is that they could tell numerous stories, not just one. How could this be? I had developed a fresh take on what Yoga Nidra and created a foundation for a strong, modern brand. ‘Why not try something like this image (see above)’. This was a further shock to my research and proposed frameworks as they hadn’t performed as expected.

After a few days of thinking what that feedback meant and why my concept was even considered it dawned on me that I had created a solution for myself, not the client. I realised that the design process I was pursuing was somewhat detached and the instead of finding a concept together. I had taking the client's ‘baby’ so-to-speak and said what it should and shouldn’t be. Via pursuing this process that championed a designer’s creativity, it had adopted an obnoxious position and places the designer in an ‘I know best’ situation.

Although I new the value of including a client into a process and letting them be actively involved, this process hadn’t considered this at this stage and was an invaluable lesson. Although pursuing an intuitively lead process had resulted in a unique outcome that was fulfilling for me, it wasn’t for the client. It highlighted that pitching and delivering a concept is equally as important to developing it. To resolve this, I created six logos and asked the client to consider which one was most reflective. The response was ‘I just love this one!’.

︎ Visual refrences are concepts, the symbols communciate a story. Therefore when trying to make something new, it must be conceptually new as well as visaully. 

︎ Purusing a fulfilling design process is aimless if it is not shared correctly. 

︎ Do not send present a final concept via email at 11:30pm