Collaborative exhibition with Mariah Arvanitakis displayed at Esky

Mate was a collaborative exhibition with Mariah Arvanitakis displayed at Esky. We established a broad brief of creating a visual identity for a service that would benefit students. Mate is an independent university service that promotes students to adopt a reflective attitude to their education. This service encourages student to consider their context of their learnings to coincide with their motive to pursue education. This exhibition provided opportunity to apply our thinking into a tangible thought and proved invaluable at acting as a vessel to clarify our projects and apply our design thinking.

It provided opportunity to create an identity without any restrictions, without the need to reference existing examples to justify its existence and portrayal. This was a liberating experience of pursuing a design process that encouraged and progressed with visual experiments. Instead of refining a solution it put myself, the designer in a position to pursue discoveries and adopt an explorative design process in response to the brief.

What was of interest was how the random portrayal of different elements created a narrative and how this was interpreted and engaged with. The spread of foreign elements acted as jigsaw puzzles, and only as whole that the narrative was deemed ‘complete’ and able to form a narrative. Even then, what was being presented varied from bypasser. This allowed the viewer to create their own understanding of what was being communicated. Resulting this individual understanding facilitated individual relationship and value to be formed between the broadcast of information (individual) to the receiver (person).

Exhibition catalgoue which documents the design process of creating Mate