Hi, my name’s Gareth Higgins and I am a UX/UI designer based in Sydney, Australia. 

I come from a background of graphic design and marketing where I focused primarly on branding. It it was during Covid 19 and some time off where I discovered and made the career change to the UX and UI profession. As I learnt more about this field and undertook Google’s UX Design Certificate I realised that I had been designing for UX for years.

This was due to my education at Swinburne University of Technology where I studied design and marketing and learnt how these two disciplines directly benefit from one another. As technologhy advances having a firm understanding of key concepts is innvaluabe. It was through my education that I learnt that by the better a user is understood the better one can produce empathic designs. 

On reflection as a practicing designer I combined the two disciplines, actively conducting research and referencing qualitative and quantitive to equally direct and validate my design process. To say the least, learning about UX validated my design philosophy and acknowledged that shiny things are nice, but the experience is always priority.

I am currently listening to: Sakura by Susumu Yokota
I am currently reading: First Singular Person by Haruki Murakami
I am currently enjoying: WIRED for WIRES Coffee Beans 

I am accepting freelance clients and collaborative projects.

A copy of my full resume can be found here.

For all prospective project enquiries and further information: garethhigginsdesign@gmail.com
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