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Hi, my name is Gareth Higgins, and I am a multidisciplinary graphic designer currently residing in Sydney, Australia.

I specialise in identity design and have a strong interest in UX and UI. Working in numerous design and marketing jobs, I have become a generalist of sorts and use a human-centred design process and design thinking to benefit a variety of scenarios.

I studied a Bachelor of Communication Design and Bachelor of Marketing as a double degree at Swinburne University of Technology. I then completed my Honours in Communication Design at Monash University, where I researched the role intuition plays in one's design process in relation to graphic design.

The appeal of graphic design is its ability to encourage and support other creative practices and individuals. Much of my role as a designer is simply observing and finding truths in what someone says and does. I then arrange and make these truths obvious in a language that celebrates these attributes.

A quote by Kenya Hara summarises this attitude towards design: "Successful communication depends on how well we listen, rather than how well we push our opinions on the person seated before us." I believe design flourishes when it is used as a tool to invite the viewer into a narrative rather than simply presenting a solution.

When I'm not doing design, I enjoy being in the ocean, playing and listening to music, visiting art galleries, taking photos, and drinking copious amounts of caffeine.

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