Fruit Rescue: Creating Communities

SCOPE: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, Web Design


Fruit Rescue is a social initiative dedicated to fostering the free exchange of fruit within local communities. Lead by the belief that no fruit should go to waste when it can nourish a neighbor, our mission is to cultivate a culture of communal generosity.

Drawing inspiration from this ethos, the brand identity was designed to evoke a strong sense of community. With a variety of characters and elements, these individual pieces come together to form a cohesive family. These elements can be presented individually, or together, yet they still belong to the one community. I wanted to create encourage inclusion and highlight everyone can join and pariticapate. 

The brand was designed to reflect a sense of community and Fruit Rescue's core values and ethos. Through a curated ensemble of characters and illustrations, each element was designed to form a cohesive family that resonates with audiences and evokes a strong sense of collective identity - one that is both lively and approachable, reflecting the fun and friendly nature of the initiative.

The dynamic nature of the illustrations allowed for different elements to be animated, further enriching the brand's visual storytelling capabilities and enhancing its ability to engage and inspire audiences across diverse mediums.

The brand was created to reflect a vibrant and energetic identity. The bold use of colours is both eye-catching and contemporary, appealing to various demographics. I was careful not to exclude any specific demographic, aiming for inclusivity and accessibility across the board.

The illustrations have been designed to be adaptable across various mediums, encouraging user interaction and engagement. For instance, stickers provide users with a sense of ownership and allow them to form their arrangements. Each demographic interacts with the initiative on different levels and for different reasons, making it critical to consider these factors when crafting the brand.

To facilitate this flexibility, I prioritised the creation of bold, recognisable core elements, including colour schemes, typography, and imagery. These foundational elements enable versatile arrangements, empowering users to interact with the brand in unique and meaningful ways.